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1.6.2 -- php include & openNewWindow js
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Author:  John [ 26. May 2007, 00:03 ]
Post subject:  1.6.2 -- php include & openNewWindow js

I hesitate to name this as a bug since there are so many configuration settings and I may have missed something.. :)

Server layout:

/example_php_include.php (web root)
/gallery/ (where TWG is installed, sub of web root)

The 'New window' command though is apparently not taking $php_include = true; and/or $install_dir = "gallery/"; into account... trying to open gallery/index.php instead of example_php_include.php.

All other operational aspects that I have tried while testing the example_php_include.php work fine so I kind of figure this might just be a bit of .js that was overlooked.

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 14. Jun 2007, 22:19 ]
Post subject: 

i'm not sure if I know what you mean - because open in new window should actually open TWG like standalone - it should call index.php and not include your page anymore.


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