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Update original images with Caption/Tags
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Author:  aspomgarb [ 15. Apr 2014, 21:07 ]
Post subject:  Update original images with Caption/Tags

I'm setting this up to post the family photo archive to the extended family members. I would like to invite them to update the captions and tags when they see something is blank (which is the vast majority). It would be great if there were a function to export this information back into the IPTC or EXIF information for the image files.

Not sure how hard this would be. I haven't seen this functionality in any of the other software I looked at so it might be something to set it apart!

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 12. May 2014, 10:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update original images with Caption/Tags

This would be a functionality e.g. for the backend. Implementing this would be possible but it would take quite some time. I would e.g. think of something like when the data is saved it also would update the exif/IPTC data. One problem is that every cammery/system does this slightly different. So doing this would be very testing intense.

So if someone needs this and would pay for it I'm open to this. But on my todo list for the softwares on this page are many, many other things already....

Best, Michael

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