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PostPosted: 13. Feb 2018, 20:12 

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The Motivation
Over years I have been shooting with a digital Stereo (3D) Camera.
Last Year I have started with a 360 Camera.

There are practicly No Photogalleries that support those photos.
Facebook (360) and some propriatary services that keep me from selfhosting those photos can sometimes do it.
There ar Javascript Libraries that enable one to view these pictures in Websites, but currently its all manual integration. Before starting on writing my own Webgallery it would be nice to see this featues in TWG.

The Technical Side

There are multiple Libraries out there. Most Panorama Libries start from Three.js.
Here are two under MIT-License:

It looks a bit more bleak in the 3d/stereo compartment. There are multiple libraries, but less than for 360° and most I found are not avertised, not easy to use or miss license Informations.
The following library is under a version of Creative Commons and works well so far:

Integration would be partly tricky for automatic Slideshows:
  • For mixed media the content would need to default to a 'regular' mode. Stereo-Pictures viewed as either left or right eye variation (2D), 360° Pictures viewed as equirectangular pictures.
  • Stereo-Picture Albums/Folders with either a default or better choice view mode.
  • 360° Pictures again defaulting on Equirectangular.

In manual slideshows the viewer should be able to set the options directly. This is supported by many libraries.
Still the integration of the preset and user setable options and the integration in to TWG could be tricky. I currently have only scratched the surface of these libraries and in my main current personal scenario, integration of said pictures in blogposts, the issue is much easier, as I can decide on a picture by picture base. (The harder part is that I am currently not completely sold on a Bloging engine and I hate Wordpress.)

One last sub-subject: Picture Type detection!
360° pictures have, when constructed correctly, Metadata for identification.
I am not aware of a commonly set Metadata for Stereo Photos. In case of an MPO-File it will be a Stereo-Picture most of the time. Many Stereophotos are also delivered as side by side picture.
I would opt in this case for setting Metadata manually on an agreed value. There probably is even a default for Stereophotos out there, even if not commonly used. The format for uploading (MPO, SideBySide,...) will be dependend on the used library anyway.

Thats it for now. I am curious how others see this subject and/or if I am the only one feeling the need for such a feature.

PostPosted: 10. Mar 2018, 01:06 
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I think you have a real nice requirement but I think you are the only one. If you like I should add this to TWG I can do this but this will be a custom implementation you have to pay for.

Best Michael

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