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Valid upload to backside, but not shown frontside
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Author:  Triple_Nothing [ 30. Apr 2019, 03:51 ]
Post subject:  Valid upload to backside, but not shown frontside

MP3 files copy just fine to the server, and land in the 'pictures' directory, but never get listed on the front side to play.
MP3 files were the start of the test/trial run, which seem to upload clean and clear, but never come to exist frontside.
Files land in the 'pictures' directory as intended, I assume.
Never figured out why the example music plays, yet files are 0 KB and don't play if copied locally.
Initial names had spacing, so I even renamed to remove such possibility.
No errors get defined.

JPG files copy just fine as well, but as a twist, they then get listed and viewed as intended, BUT do leave an error...
04.30.2019 1:34:00 - ERROR 8 in ated_version\admin\upload\twg_helper.php, line 444: A non well formed numeric value encountered

In relation to video, I believe I've troubleshot this for the owner a few years in the past, but of the 2 "identical" AVIs I have, 1 works, the other doesn't.
They both upload, but one works and not the other.
They each hold different play button overlays.
They both originate as AVI files, but am sure there was a particular reference/limit to its build.

Maybe a quick toss to slide in a twist to troubleshooting... Currently re-setting this all up fresh for the user due to a server rebuild with the new Windows Server 2019. Since they run Windows, I have commented out the Windows portion of execute_command() so it still uses shell_exec(), which I'm assuming truly has nothing to do with this topic, but thinking the issue might relate in thought.

Take a peak:

I've run PHP since the end of the PHP3 and currently am up to PHP7 on my *nix line, so hoping this is just a twist with the client running Windows... ^_^
So feel free to assume I know any reference you may make, and hope this helps other Windows-relations. :D

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 30. Apr 2019, 23:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Valid upload to backside, but not shown frontside

copy mp3 files to a sub folder with the needed files in it. Copying an mp3 to a folder without any configuration does not work.
Have you read the video howto?

Best, Michael

Author:  Triple_Nothing [ 1. May 2019, 04:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Valid upload to backside, but not shown frontside

I didn't do anything "manually" via FTP or such, in relation to adding files.

So, is this ruling out the option for an individual to simply go to the homepage when logged in, and upload an item? (MP3 in this case)

All 3 tests were a basic upload attempt from the homepage via a browser after a login.

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 1. May 2019, 22:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Valid upload to backside, but not shown frontside

You have to provide a mp3 and also a preview image.
You can generate default preview images in the administration. But this has to be done manually for mp3.
for mp3s you have to set $video_player='MP3';

For videos I have an option to generate preview images out of the video.
Auto detection is only supported for videos.

Best, Michael

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