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Small Problem with Comments
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Author:  Just another TWG user [ 1. Jun 2006, 19:57 ]
Post subject:  Small Problem with Comments

Hey there!

First of all i have to say: Great work in approving the php include

this version works nice with my CMS.....however i have encountered a small problem with adding comments to an picture:

when i hit the save button in the comment iframe i get a wrong redirects me to the index.php in the TWG folder and not to the file where i included the gallery...the comment itself is added and i can see it when i look in the gallery again.

Hope you can help and thanks in advance!

Keep up the good work, this gallery is really great :)

Author:  Just another TWG user [ 1. Jun 2006, 22:33 ]
Post subject: 

found another small problem:

when stopping a slideshow it takes me to the
wrong place too....instead of using the name of
the file where the gallery was included it picks the index.php from the twg folder


i have a file called gallery.php where i included the gallery...the gallery itself is in the subfolder twg

link to start the slideshow is right:


stop link is: twg/index.php?twg_album=......

seems to be the same problem as the one above

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 1. Jun 2006, 23:02 ]
Post subject: 

I'll check this - maybe I missed to pass the parameter for the root to this call - about which slideshow are you talking?


Author:  Just another TWG user [ 1. Jun 2006, 23:07 ]
Post subject: 

you mean the slideshow type?

i have set slideshow type variable $twg_slide_type to "FALSE" so it should
be the normal version

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 2. Jun 2006, 08:20 ]
Post subject: 


I tested php include and the comments and the slidshow jump back to the page where they should (in my case an include.php one level higher then TWG installation).

Have you set $php_include to true and the $install_dir ?


Author:  Just another TWG user [ 2. Jun 2006, 11:51 ]
Post subject: 

yeah $php_include is true and $install_dir is set to to twg/

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 2. Jun 2006, 15:02 ]
Post subject: 

o.k. - seem your cms does something else - please open index.php

line 54:
$twg_root = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

make an

echo $twg_root;

below that!

if you then start the gallery you get an output about where I return to.

Please tell me what you get there!


Author:  Just another TWG user [ 2. Jun 2006, 15:46 ]
Post subject: 

okay, have done that:

as output i get the path to my gallery.php starting from document root....

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 2. Jun 2006, 15:57 ]
Post subject: 

thats good.

I put this in the session an get in again in the i_kommentar.php

open i_frames\i_kommentar.php and add

echo $twg_root;

in line 55 or 56 ;).

Then open the comments iframe.
then the "root" page should be displayed. - tell me what is says.


Author:  Just another TWG user [ 2. Jun 2006, 17:13 ]
Post subject: 

done! :wink:

output in the comments iframe is: twg/../index.php

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 2. Jun 2006, 17:24 ]
Post subject: 

That's the problem.

In the inc/ I have:

if (isset($_SESSION['twg_root'])) {
$twg_root = trim($_SESSION['twg_root']);
} else if (isset($twg_root)) {
$_SESSION['twg_root'] = trim($twg_root);
} else {
// this is only backup -
$twg_root = $install_dir . "../index.php";

therefore normally it should be set in the index.php to the session and available in the i_kommentare.php

mybe your cms does prevent this somehow.
if you change
$twg_root = $install_dir . "../index.php";

to your location of the include you should be fine.

But it would still be interesting why this does not work!

does the login work? or private galleries - they work with session variables too!

Have you disabled cookies?


Author:  Just another TWG user [ 2. Jun 2006, 18:01 ]
Post subject: 

okay, i will try that :)

have not tested login or private galleries yet but i can do if you want....will report back as soon as i tested it

Cookies are enabled....

could be that is has something to do with the CMS too....i am using CMS like Postnuke...its called MDPro

Author:  Guest [ 2. Jun 2006, 18:07 ]
Post subject: 

I think it is related to that - maybe they do something with the session ...

Try private login or login - or options are they saved? or just another language .. everything stored in the session.

Author:  Just another TWG User [ 19. Jul 2006, 15:15 ]
Post subject: 


sorry that i have not reported back for some time.

I tried private gallery and get an error tries to open twg/i_frames/index.php

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 19. Jul 2006, 15:29 ]
Post subject: 

After you enter the password you mean?

can you change any of the options?

I think you would have to adapt the iframes manually to point to the correct root. But if the session does not work many other this would not work either.

I still recomend you try the iframe include.


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