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Big Pictures are not displayed
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Author:  Jeroen [ 7. May 2006, 02:33 ]
Post subject:  Big Pictures are not displayed


At #removed_broken_link i have setup TWG, but at the last page there are images with size >2 MB. They are not displayed tough I set the memory_limit to several sizes (up to 2 GB !), after this some other pictures are displayed ok, but the large images still failed to load.

What is the sollution for my problem??

Kind Regards,


Author:  Jeroen [ 7. May 2006, 02:35 ]
Post subject:  Strange!

When I click at the .thumbs file, I do see all the pictures...

Author:  Jeroen [ 7. May 2006, 02:37 ]
Post subject:  Not strange

The .thumbs is a folder with small size thumbnails.

So the problem is still a problem... Big images are not displayed..

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 7. May 2006, 11:30 ]
Post subject: 


I clicked a little bit in your gallery - I cannot find any images that are not displayed -....
Which folder(s) have the problem?


Author:  Jeroen [ 7. May 2006, 11:43 ]
Post subject: 

The last to albums (on page 5) (#removed_broken_linkin ... foffset=36)

TWG is also very slow... How can I make it faster?

Kind regards jeroen

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 7. May 2006, 12:00 ]
Post subject: 

You have "random image" for the collage enabled. This means if an image is used that is not generated yet it takes a while.
TWG will be fast when all thumbs are created. you can generate them with the search (i started this for you once - but with 4000 images it takes ...! (normaly the browser stops after a couple of hundret images because the server is 100% in usage!))
You could do this offline and upload the thumbs ... (on thumb ~ 0.5 s - you do the math!)

you turn this feature off and show the first images ony! - oy you don´t use the collage (show only one image)!
You can also reduce the number im images on the thumbs page ...
turn off autodetections then.

But you main prob is the generation of thumbs!
You should turn off the auto cleaning of the cache too - i´s in the config in the last section - otherwise images that are not viewed e.g. 40 days are deleted from the cache (only big images - thumbs are never deleted!).

I recommend turn the random image off until many people have viewed the gallery - then you can turn it back on because all thumbs do exist :)


Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 7. May 2006, 12:01 ]
Post subject: 

any you should delete the .thumbsfolder or add it to the exclude folders in the config!!


Author:  Jeroen [ 7. May 2006, 12:11 ]
Post subject: 

Okay! I excluded the .thumb folder.

But what about the main issue, that the large images are not displayed?

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 7. May 2006, 18:51 ]
Post subject: 


I don't get any good error message in you debug file (that you should delete because it's getting big.).

Please upgrade to TWG 1.4.1 (release is this week) and retry (only for the error in the debug file!)

I checked on of you images! in memory they need 20.2 MB! I think your 32 MB are just not enough because php uses a lot of memory to process the image too.

I checked on my local system with memory limit of 64 MB and I can process the image.


Author:  Jeroen [ 7. May 2006, 21:03 ]
Post subject: 

Hi !

How can I set the memory limit to 64 MB? (I changed @ini_set('memory_limit', '64M'); in info.php without result)

And where can I get version 1.4.1 ?

Thank you !

Kind regards jeroen

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 8. May 2006, 08:03 ]
Post subject: 

memory limit - in the php.ini.
Your settigs only work on systems where this is allowed (normally none ;).).

you have to ask your web hoster ...


Author:  jml [ 14. Jun 2006, 00:49 ]
Post subject: 

I see this issue also, and have found that it is due to the $small_pic_size setting if thge number is large all imges display as do their thumbnails, if this number is small, large images and thumbnails do not display.

I currently have mine set to 500 and have to manually resize images so they all display, What I would like is a way to turn this off and not have a limit, and to be able to set the size the preview picture is and then allow the full size imge viewed when you click on the picture.

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 14. Jun 2006, 06:25 ]
Post subject: 


really? because I don't understand what a thumbnail should have to do with the $small_pic_size - They are not related at all.

And I don't understand your 2nd part.
where do you resize your images - and to what size?
what do you want to turn off?
and which preview picture - the thumb or the display images? because there are really many options how to display the "original" if you click on the display image!

Author:  jml [ 14. Jun 2006, 08:11 ]
Post subject: 

I take that back after testing again it is not doing what it was earlier. Though images 1024 by 768 do view and thumbnails display for them but say an image 2048 by 1536 do not.

An example can be found at ... g_offset=0

The images are the same just the sizes listed above.

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 14. Jun 2006, 08:23 ]
Post subject: 


The big image is ~ 9MB uncompressed (This is what php is using) and then the resized image is in memory - some processing ...

you have 16MB of memory

I think the image is just too big. You would have to increase php memory or resize your images before.


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