TWG 2.4.7 is available

TWG 2.4.7 is available which make TWG fully php 7.4 compatible

The following changes are available:

  • New: Support for php 7.4
  • New: Keyboard next is now also on space
  • New: Counter has now a . for large numbers. Like 10.000 instead of 10000
  • New: The parameter twg_offset does now support 5 chars instead of 4
  • New: Africans (ZAF) is now available as a new langauge
  • New: body has now a class “not-in-iframe” or “in-iframe” depending if you use TWG in an iframe or not. So you can style the gallery differently based on that.
  • Fix: Edit window has a small scrollbar. This was removed.
  • Fix: A bug in the exif reader was found – Thanks to Alexander for the fix! – rotation also works better now
  • Fix: Fix on random images when directory is empty.
  • Fix: Warning with invalid data in readxml fixed.

Get the latest version or the patch here:

Have fun using TWG,