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TFU 3.0 is released

Hi everyone,

TFU 3.0 is now offically released.

All planned features for version 3 are now implemented. Have fun with version 3 of TFU.

This is the new stuff:

  • New: Add files and the Upload button can now be styled individualy! You can set color, background color, font weight and theme for both! See the updated howto 9: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/en/tfu/tfu_faq_9.php
  • New: multiple recipient e-mail are now supported with smtp as well. Separate e-mails by ,
  • New: Security improvments regarding session fixation.
  • New: Howto 22 how to change the session name
  • New: Session override when session_cache does exist. If the global session does contain values but the internal session handling is active (sesssion_cache folder does exist) the global data was nor used. Now the gobal settings does overwrite tfu settings.
  • New: Parameter $use_size_as_height. If you set this to true horizontal and vertical images are all resized to the given size. So vertical images are wider than the given size!
  • New: Improved support for MAC uploads. An additional / at the end of the upload string fixes an i/o error on some Mac configurations.
  • Fix: Improved normalisation. Now many more inputs are normalized properly.
  • Fix: Directories with special chars like öäü where not displayed in the title bar.
  • Fix: Elements where overlapping when selecting multiple menu items
  • Fix: When a file was selected, and a preview is not available the button was invisible but still enabled.
  • Fix: A blank preview was loaded by the invisible button
  • Fix: $remove_multiple_php_extension was always removing .php extensions when enabled. Now is only removed them when the file has another extension afterwards.
  • Fix: Right border was not displayed in IE sometimes. An extra pixel in the include code fixed this.
  • Fix: Improved error message when the flash cannot be loaded.

Get it here: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/en/tfu/web_overview.php

The JFUploader version can be already found in the forum. I just do the final tests on php 5.4 for them right now. When this is done they will be released as well!

Have fun using TFU,


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