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Editor Button for JFUploader 2.13 is available.

March 25th, 2011 No comments


The new JFU editor button does fully replace the existing “Image” button below the article editor and gives you the full power of JFU:

* Full integration of JFU in the editor. You can upload multiple files instead of only one file like in the Joomla implementation
* You can use groups and profiles – this makes it possible do define exactly where each user can upload files.
* Use the server side to select images you want to insert.
* Add a link target by simply selecting it in the server side view.
* Create thumbnails of existing images and include them.
* Define the size of the image you want to include
* Support for Lightbox, Lytebox and Highslide
* a nice ruler – because I don’t know how much 300 px is :)
* Captions can be easily generated

You find all details here:

If you like it please vote for it here:

If you don’t please tell me why!

Have fun with this new extension. You always need the same version of the component and the editor button! So please update JFUploader if you want to use it!

Have fun using JFU,