1. Jacom Stephens

    Is 2.10.6 available for Joomla yet? I’d like to use the new hidden files functionality, but it looks like the latest version is 2.10.5 When do you anticipate the update being available for Joomla? Thanks.

  2. No !!!

    I have just found a bug there and have only fixed this in TFU 2.10.6 yet.
    If you are able to set this parameter manually in tfu_config.php you can download TFU 2.10.6 from today and replace the files in JFU 2.10.5.

    I’m currently updating JFU to actually 2.10.7 (because of the small bug in TFU).

    So you either merge JFU with TFU by yourself or wait maybe 1-2 weeks until I have done this (This take that long because I currently add a new log plugin with an interface).

    Best you be you offer yourself to test my local build because there everything is already implemented. But I don’t release any code that is only tested by myself.


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