JFU 2.10.4 is online

Hi, JFU 2.10.4 is now online too. Please update to this version if you use JFU 2.10.2 or 2.10.3 because of a proxy message windows that can popup for fast uploads. Additionally the following new stuff has been added: – New: Updated TFU to version 2.10.4 – New: It’s now possible to define a profile … [Read more…]

IE iframe caching bug

Hi, This is a little bit off topic of TWG but maybe very interesting for people who have iframes on their sites and they don’t get refreshed properly. I had the problem that after a page refresh of a site with 2 iframes only one of them got updated in IE. The other one was … [Read more…]

License enhancement in TWG/TFU/JFU

Hi, if someone has a problem with his existing license after updating to the lastest version please update again because the new license check implementation was not working for multi domain licenses. The new detection does now automatically allow an additional www in front of a subdomain. e.g. you registered: *.tinywebgallery.com then www.tinywebgallery.com, gallery.tinywebgallery.com … … [Read more…]