TFU and JFU 2.10.2 released


I released TFU and JFU 2.10.2 today.

This are the new features:

  • New: Too fast uploads which are caused by Kaspersky Internet Suite are detected now and a warning + a message box is shown. Howto 18 of the TFU FAQ explains how to configure it.
  • New: Images (gif, jpg, png) are now checked if they are images and if not, the files are checked and if php stuff is in it the php is disabled.

If you use TFU/JFU with a lot of users you don’t know you should update because this release will help your users to upload which where not be able to upload before because of a missing configuration in their firewall.

Have fun using TFU/JFU,


IE iframe caching bug


This is a little bit off topic of TWG but maybe very interesting for people who have iframes on their sites and they don’t get refreshed properly.

I had the problem that after a page refresh of a site with 2 iframes only one of them got updated in IE. The other one was still displaying the old content. After checking the server log files I found out that the 2nd iframe was not called at all. Therefore it was cached in the browser.

I checked my code and was already using the following meta tags in my header section:

<meta http-equiv=”Expires” content=”-1″>
<meta http-equiv=”cache-control” content=”no-cache”>
<meta http-equiv=”Pragma” content=”no-cache”>

I already used Expires = 0 but there was no change either.

Only the combination together with a random number at the request of an iframe where doing the trick.

Below you find my solution how to do this with jsp’s and struts:

<% java.util.HashMap newValues = new java.util.HashMap(); newValues.put(“ts”, System.currentTimeMillis());  pageContext.setAttribute(“timestamp”, newValues); %>

This creates a map ‘timestamp’ with a timestamp in the page context.

And the iframes where then looking like this:

<frameset rows=”60,100″ border=”10″>
<html:frame action=”/action1″ name=”timestamp” frameName=”frame1″  />
<html:frame  action=”/action2″ name=”timestamp” frameName=”frame2″  />

Hope this will help someone 😉

– Michael

License enhancement in TWG/TFU/JFU


if someone has a problem with his existing license after updating to the lastest version please update again because the new license check implementation was not working for multi domain licenses. The new detection does now automatically allow an additional www in front of a subdomain.

e.g. you registered: *

then, … where working fine.

But was not working. I do now allow the additional www in front of a sub domain. I hope this makes the usage easier and more flexible.

You need the latest version from the 30.9.2009 where this works for all license types.

Have fun using TWG/TFU/JFU,


Small update of 1.7.8


Since some users already use 1.7.8 I get some feedback for this version too. Until now only very small issues have been found and I have fixed them all in the latest build.

A user has posted a improvement that is not enough php memory is available TWG tries to increase it by itself. thanks a lot for this enhancement. It is already in the last version of TWG and will be included in TFU/JFU soon as well.

Right now it seems very good so far. The update of the website is 90% done. So I think the official release of 1.7.8 will be on the weekend.

Have fun using TWG,