License enhancement in TWG/TFU/JFU


if someone has a problem with his existing license after updating to the lastest version please update again because the new license check implementation was not working for multi domain licenses. The new detection does now automatically allow an additional www in front of a subdomain.

e.g. you registered: *

then, … where working fine.

But was not working. I do now allow the additional www in front of a sub domain. I hope this makes the usage easier and more flexible.

You need the latest version from the 30.9.2009 where this works for all license types.

Have fun using TWG/TFU/JFU,


Small update of 1.7.8


Since some users already use 1.7.8 I get some feedback for this version too. Until now only very small issues have been found and I have fixed them all in the latest build.

A user has posted a improvement that is not enough php memory is available TWG tries to increase it by itself. thanks a lot for this enhancement. It is already in the last version of TWG and will be included in TFU/JFU soon as well.

Right now it seems very good so far. The update of the website is 90% done. So I think the official release of 1.7.8 will be on the weekend.

Have fun using TWG,


Small update for TFU and JFU available


  • Multiple downloads in TFU and JFU where not working anymore with the latest flash player. I have implemented a workaround and now they work fine again.
  • When selecting multiple items in TFU previews where overlapping
  • In JFU the setting of the chmod field for files was not displayed

Please check if you language file is 100% translated because I have add 1 more language string. Check the default.xml for all available translations.

Get the new versions here:



– Michael