Hotfix: Advanced iframe pro 2021.9 is available

A couple of quick releases where done:

2021.9: Important hotfix: The minimizer for ai.js changed the url and therefore minimized files where broken. The minimizer is now disabled until I find a new more reliable one. Please update asap. You administration and the iframes will not work anymore once you press save! Please install the new version simply over the old one. Sorry for the inconvenience. Versions 2021.2 – 2021.8 are affected.

2021.8 and 2021.7: Small fixes for the Gutenberg editor

2021.6: Couple of fixes in the “change url parameter” feature

2021.5:  New replace parameter {requesturi} and improved logging

See the history for all changes here:

Get the new version at codecanyon.

Have fun using advanced iframe pro,