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Workaround - Single JS file for multiple iFrames on different domains  

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I am in the process of working on an iframe setup. We're using it to eliminate the need to have woocommerce setup for a series of mini sites. I just wondered if it's possible/straightforward to do the following:

- Upload the external workaround script to the primary site (so not loading external elements)

- Adjust the script so that a single file will work and allow Cross Origin on multiple iframes each on different domains?



Many mini sites with iframe > single parent


Thanks in advance!

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No sure what you mean exactly. 

 - the external workaround script can be configured that it does not matter where you place it (multi domain support).

- What do you mean with single file? The external workaround can be combined with a config switcher script.

Can you give me more details?

Best, Michael