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Visual aid for iFrame advanced Pro

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Are there other video or image tutorials for the plugin?

It’s powerful and there are so many options that I’m a little confused. Especially with the "External workaround" option, I admit I am really lost.

The automatic adjustment of the iFrame is not working and I'm sure it's mishandling on my part, but after 1 full day of testing I'm a little discouraged.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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Hi, there is no video for the external workaround as every website is different and also adding the one line of Javascript is always different as well. 

On the external workaround tab is a step by step instruction how to do the basic setup. Have you done this already? 

Have you also seen that there is a troubleshooting guide included as well if you click on a specific link there? 

Actually already by default the auto height is enabled if you include the one line of Javascript. Pressing F12 and checking the console is your best friend. 

Have you opened this already?

To redirect if you are not in an iframe this is shown here:


Best regards, Michael