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Strange Single vs Double click on embedded links.

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Hi there,

On this site:

I am embedding lists that link to PDFs.

When I use a MAC and Chrome, and SINGLE or DOUBLE click on any of the links, it appears to act appropriately, and opens up the PDF for viewing full size, at the top of the particular list.

When you click the back button on your browser, it takes you back to the same area where you originally clicked the link.

However - and this is where it gets odd, I tested on MAC Safari, and if you SINGLE click, you get a small iframe at the top of the list instead of the full pdf.  If you DOUBLE click, then it works appropriately.

When tested on a Windows PC, the opposite is true - if you DOUBLE click, it will open the small iframe, and if you SINGLE click it will open up the full PDF.

But -- 🙂 It only appears to work that way the first time (after that, you'll have the small window at the top, and then everything else works normally.  I'm a little stumped 🙂

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Not sure if I can help you here. Seems like this is the browser behavior we/I cannot influence.

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