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PDF Not Loading

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Hi Michael, Great plugin, but I am having an issue getting the content to load.

I have embedded the plugin into both pages and templates to show PDFs, and the plugin works great about 50% of the time—meaning that about half of the time it simply doesn't load.  Sometimes a single refresh of the page will do the trick and the PDF will load correctly.  Other times, I have to refresh a couple of times in order to get it to load.

I am using the Elementor editor if that makes a difference.  I read through the forums, but didn't see any solution to this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately I cannot do anything if the browser itself does not load something properly. 

I have something in the code where you can reload your iframe in a certain interval. You could change this to load the iframe only once again. 

If you check the browser console -> Network. Can you see if the pdf is loaded at all? Maybe lazy load could solve the problem by delaying the loading of the pdf. Have you tried this?

Best, Michael