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In page popup layer

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Thank you Michael for the response here and by email as well. I've emailed you back directly this morning with the URL and Shortcode information, so hopefully you can see the link I am using.

I'm very grateful for the assistance, as I'm sure I'm just misunderstanding the documentation but I've tried many variations with no success.

When I get this resolved, I'll type an update here, so that it will help others.



Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2021 1518 +0100



Please try to post only the content of the shortcode. My site most likely tries to render it.
Because of security issues links are removed in the first posts of a user.

Please remove the target="_blank" from the link.

The debug console is strange. Hoe does the link of the url looks like?



Hi there,

My original post disappeared, I think the system banned me thinking I was a bot, so I am re-creating it here, so that when a solution is found it may help others.

I'm trying to figure out how to have a link on a wordpress page, open an iframe as a popup over the page the link is one. The iframe should contain the text from a different page on a different domain.

Using the simple shortcode on a page works fine, so I know the plugin is installed correctly. But I can't get the popup layer to work using the information from example 34 in your documentation.

I'm pretty sure it's my fault misunderstanding things, so all help is appreciated.

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Please see my e-mail where the problem was. You had duplicate ids and the target which link to change was not defined. If you like to change all links e.g. in a footer you can use "footer a" if you have a tag footer with links in it.