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How can I make the cart and Checkout work with the Iframe?  

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Hello, I bought the pro license version; I tried creating an Iframe from my main website to a website with a different domain and it shows perfectly, the error is that when I want to proceed to the cart or checkout from the iframe, the page remains gray and says that the connection, but instead if I open the cart or checkout from the iframe in a new browser tab this redirects me to the main website, and my intention is to be able to make the purchase from the iframe, I would greatly appreciate if you could indicate a solution to this problem, since I can't figure out how to configure the Iframe to work for me.

Thank you

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you first have to check your browser console. There you normally see the reason for this. Often a cart/checkout are not allowed to be in an iframe. 

What you need to to is to change the target of the links that lead to cart/checkout dynamically. Are you able to add Javascript to the other page? 


Best Regards, Michael