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A mix of read only, block and selectable iframe  

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Using below setup

[advanced_iframe securitykey="***" use_shortcode_attributes_only="true" src="//***" id="advanced_iframe_21" height="1000" width="100%" scrolling="no" hide_part_of_iframe="0,0,100%,100%,transparent,10"]

Im able to block the full iframe as a read only.

My question is (please see attachment)

  1. How can I make the top, marked with yellow, selectable?
  2. How can I block, the lower part in blue , make it not visibel and not selectable







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you can use different areas which are overlapping. So the one that starts at e.g. 100px and the other that then starts from the top with 50 px. height an width do support the calc method  . so you then can e.g. use calc(100% - 100px) .

for the hiding you can put e.g. a white area above. 

The problem I see. Are the lists dynamic? Because you can only hide fix areas. if the list gets longer ...

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