The new TWG website is online


The new layout of the TWG website is online.

  • A new header line with a section for each of the tools for easier navigation.
  • A complete new entry page for easier navigation.
  • The new logo is included
  • The new versions of TWG/JFU/TFU/WPU are online – more details about them in following posts.

Just go there by yourself – everything should be nicer now…

The blog will soon move from to because I want to include the 3 latest news always on the main page and I need direct access to the wordpress classes for this. So please don’t wonder if you will be redirected if you go to the blog!

Have fun using TWG/JFU/TFU/WFU,


Dropbox referals needed.


I’m using Dropbox as an additional backup medium for TWG. But I’m running out of free space right now.

If you are looking for a nice free  Online Backup, File sharing webspace simply signup there.

You get 250 MB extra and I’m too ;).

Just use the referal link below:

Create a free account and install the dropbox on your machine – you will not be disappointed.  Want to send a file with 200 MB to a friend – use the dropbox and only send the links to your friends.



TWG get new icons


I’m changing the buttons in TWG right now to use sprites (= one image where all images are picked from).

While doing this I have selected new icons for the fullscreen mode as well:

e.g. below is a new set which will be available in 1.8.

When I’m done with the sprits I will write a nice post how sprites can be easily implemented.  I have used 4 different ways how this can be done and as sad as it sounds – most of the turorials are using the most complicated way possible!

– Michael