TWG get new icons


I’m changing the buttons in TWG right now to use sprites (= one image where all images are picked from).

While doing this I have selected new icons for the fullscreen mode as well:

e.g. below is a new set which will be available in 1.8.

When I’m done with the sprits I will write a nice post how sprites can be easily implemented.  I have used 4 different ways how this can be done and as sad as it sounds – most of the turorials are using the most complicated way possible!

– Michael

JFU 2.10.4 is online


JFU 2.10.4 is now online too. Please update to this version if you use JFU 2.10.2 or 2.10.3 because of a proxy message windows that can popup for fast uploads. Additionally the following new stuff has been added:

– New: Updated TFU to version 2.10.4
– New: It’s now possible to define a profile for each or the 3 backend roles of Joomla.
– New: Enhanced debug can be enabled in the config
– New: $upload_notification_use_full_path can now be changed in the config.

you get everything as usual here:

Have fun using JFU,