Advanced iframe pro 7.5.4 is available

Hi, This version optimizes the usage of this plugin. The most important changes are: The security key is now optional. The free version has changed the view limit. Now only a small text is shown and not the whole plugin is disabled. Documentation was improved at several points. All Javascript does not give any errors … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.5 is available

Hi, TWG 2.4.5 it is now fully php 7.2 compatible. Also a problem in in browser detection for IE was fixed. Please upgrade to this version because otherwise for IE the html 5 uploader is not working. Get the latest version or the patch here: Have fun using TWG, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 7.5.3 is available

Hi, Advanced iframe pro 7.5.3 is now available on CodeCanyon. Please use version 7.5.3 if you already use 7.5.2 as a bug in the external workaround is fixed! The main new features of 7.5.X are: Provide content from your side to other sides Internal JS debug console The iframe checker is now included and can … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.4 is available

Hi, The registered version has a really nice new feature: Support for the masonary thumbnail style. See Resize the browser to see how this effect looks like :). Also new: New: Full support of php 7 of the flash uploader New: No backup of the counter is made anymore after introducing flock. Fix: counter.txt … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.3 is available

Hi, a nice update for TWG is available. Especially users with high load should get this release as the xml files which are updated at each request are locked now and so errors when updating this files cannot happen anymore. Also the browser detection was updated to the latest version and improvements in the full … [Read more…]

Looking for user with a lot of traffic

Hi, since a few days I have a lot fo traffic on the demos. Over 12.000 unique users. There I found some error in the logs about concurrent usage of the counter xml files. I’m optimizing TWG right now with read/write locks. I you have a gallery with many users please contact me that I … [Read more…]