TWG 2.3.1 is available

TWG 2.3.1 adds a small number of improvements and does fix a bug at upload. So everyone should update to this version to fix the upload! New: In mobile mode the login is now a seperate switch: $twg_mobile_show_login New: $twg_mobile_paging_num and $twg_mobile_paging_steps are now available. Fix: $generate_cache_at_upload was brocken because of a new function I … [Read more…]

TWG 2.3 is available

TWG 2.3 has now also special settings for tablets. So you can now configure TWG for Desktop, tablet and smart phones! Also some improvements for HTML5 videos and internal optimisations have been added. This is the new stuff: New: A couple new switches if a tablet is detected do exist now. See the internal_confif.php -> … [Read more…]

TWG HTML5 videos demo is online

The new feature of TWG 2.2 is online: HTML5 Videos that you should use from now on to get support on as many devices as possible! Please go to the html5 demo and check if it works for your device. I will now update the video howto and than release this version. Best, Michael