TWG 2.4.4 is available


The registered version has a really nice new feature:

Support for the masonary thumbnail style. See Resize the browser to see how this effect looks like :).

Also new:

  • New: Full support of php 7 of the flash uploader
  • New: No backup of the counter is made anymore after introducing flock.
  • Fix: counter.txt and useronline.txt where not created after introducing flock
  • Fix: Some minor php 7 fixes
  • Fix: Fallback for seo tree improved. Was not working on tinywebgallery because of the hoster strato
  • fix: php 7 type casting bugfix in the administration fixed.

Get the latest version or the patch here:

Have fun using TWG,


JFUploader 3.2 and TFU 3.2 are available

Hi Everyone.

JFUploader 3.2 and TFU 3.2 are online now.
This is the new stuff:

  • New: Background of the flash can now be made transparent to integrate it better into your page. See c_bg_transpartent in the updated howto 9:
  • New: New plugin: watermark. You can now add a watermark directly after the upload. Thanks to Kulwinder Jootle to allow me to make this custom plugin public.
  • New: JFUploader 3.2 for Joomla 3.x does now support a new master mode: id_username
  • Fix: The Javascript callback previewSelect was called twice

Get the new versions here:

Have fun using JFUploader and TFU,

JFUploader and TFU 3.1 are available

JFUploader and TFU 3.1 are available

This is the new stuff:

  • New: The status line can be formated with html. You can use html tags in the xml language files to format them. See the updated howto about changing colors
  • New: Turkish and Taiwanese language file added. Thanks to the translators.
  • Fix: The label of the server grid was not shown. Now it is shown again.

Get the new versions from the download page.