JFU 2.14 for Joomla 1.5.x and 1.6.x is available

JFU 2.14 for Joomla 1.5.x and 1.6.x is available:

This is the new stuff:

New: TFU 2.14 is included with all the new features that comes with it. e.g directory quota, creation of files.
New: JFUploader Editor extension was extended:
– JFUploader Editor extension can be configured.
– Links can be inserted
– Thumbnails of pdf’s can be created.
– html and css was optimized to work with different templates (some templates destroyed the divs)
– Google doc viewer can be used directly.
– many small fixes…

Get it on the website.

I now prepare the website and then this version will be offically released!


TWG is online


Some minor bugfixes which makes TWG even nicer ;).

New: The default for $direct_folderpng was chaged to true. This gives better performance because no php calls are needed. Special characters in the path are not supported. If you have this set this to false again.
New: $direct_folderpng is now used for private.png as well. It has the same performance impact and restrictions as folder.png.
Fix: I updated the flash thumbnailer. There where some undefined strings in the url which where not right. It should not change anything but the requests are now correct.
Fix: I added the new zip class I made to TWG itself. I also updated TFU 2.13 to the latest version where this zip class was included first.
Fix: removed the duplicate zip class from the admin/upload folder. One was from TFU, one from TWG. I only use the one from TFU here.
Fix: Some smilies where not displayed properly because I was sorting the file names but not the display names.

The official version is still 1.8.4. the .1 is the internal build. Always look in version.txt to see the latest changes.

I’m now working on TWG 1.8.5.

have fun using TWG,