TWG blog will move to a different location


I want to move this blog from


tonight. The reason is that I want to display the last few posts on the main site of TWG.
My base_dir restriction does not allow to directly link to WordPress so I move it.

I will make a permanent redirect. So please only update your RSS feed in the next few days.



The new TWG website is online


The new layout of the TWG website is online.

  • A new header line with a section for each of the tools for easier navigation.
  • A complete new entry page for easier navigation.
  • The new logo is included
  • The new versions of TWG/JFU/TFU/WPU are online – more details about them in following posts.

Just go there by yourself – everything should be nicer now…

The blog will soon move from to because I want to include the 3 latest news always on the main page and I need direct access to the wordpress classes for this. So please don’t wonder if you will be redirected if you go to the blog!

Have fun using TWG/JFU/TFU/WFU,


TFU/JFU 2.10.7 are almost ready


TFU/JFU 2.10.7 are almost ready.

If someone wants to test them please contact me.

This is the new stuff:


– New: Upload of files with the size 0. This is not supported directly by flash upload. I do this by creating the file through a direct php call.
– New: Download of 0 KB files are now disabled because flash does not support this.
– Fix: $hide_hidden_files was not working properly because this settings was not used for actions like preview, delete… Please update to this version or don’t use this feature because at delete the wrong files would be deleted!
– Fix: The new zip class was not compatible to php 4.x – now it is.


– New: Updated TFU to version 2.10.7
– New: Added $truncate_dir_in_title to the configuration.
– New: Added $hide_hidden_files to the configuration.
– New: Added the new logo to JFU
– New: Added icons to the menu entries.