Advanced iframe pro 2021.4 is available

Hi, A couple of quick releases where done for full php 8 support. So the new stuff since 2021 are: Full php 8 support Improved debugger Optimized performance in general and when you have AOSEO installed Optimized installation See the history for all changes here: Get the new version at codecanyon. Have fun using advanced … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2020.10 is available

The last release of this year. The most important things are: 2020.10: Fix of the iframe_redirect_url feature. An additional domain check was too strict. Now if works like expected A new warning for document.domain was added because some websites have problems when this is set. 2020.9: Hide URL in HTML. Support of the SameSite settings. … [Read more…]

How to show only a part of the iframe

Hi, a question which is asked again and again is how to hide a header and a footer. I have added a FAQ in the forum for this: Have fun using advanced iframe, Best, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 2020.1 is available

The new version has a really new cool feature: You can now calculate the height of the iframe dynamically based on the elements before and after. So you can make a full screen iframe with a custom header or footer which have no fixed height but change dynamically based on the browser size. Checkout the … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2020 is available

This are the main new features of version 2020: New administration design  The iframe checker was rewritten to work in parallel. So you can even test 1000 urls at once! The iframe checker does check also normal iframes! Not only advanced iframes! So you can now use advanced iframe pro to monitor ALL your iframes. … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe 2019.6 is available now

This release has some small bugfixes. Please see here: Advanced iFrame history Please not that I have also added a custom spam filter! I will not allow any post with blacklisted words! before the word where only removed. Now I don’t allow the posts at all anymore.   Best, Michael

Advanced iframe 7.6 is available now.

Advanced iframe 7.6 is available now in the pro and the free version! A lot of improvements made it to this release. See here for details: The most interesting thing is the cookie support inside the iframe! I have included all known solutions for this. Also the standalone version was optimized and does now … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 3rd party cookie workaround is ready for testing

The big new feature of Advanced iFrame Pro 5.6 is now already available for testing: AIP does now support a enhanced version of the safari cookie fix from If you need cookies inside your iframe and you want that this works also on Safari and browser with stronger cookie settings you should already checkout … [Read more…]

New free iframe checker is online

Hi, version 2 of the free iframe checker is online: Is does now also follow redirects and has a much better reporting! This version is now also included in version 7.5.2 of the plugin! Hope this makes the usage of advanded iframe even easier. Have fun using advanced iframe, Michael