Advanced iframe pro 6.5.3 is available


A few small fixes are available for advanced iframe pro:


  • Fix: https iframe on https did show an error message which is wrong. Now the message only is shown if http pages are included to https pages.


  • Fix: WordPress updates where not shown because of a missing return value. Now only the ones for advanced iframe are blocked as it should be.


  • New: WordPress 4.2.4 is supported
  • Fix: An anonymous function was used which is supported since php 5.3. But older php versions failed in the administration. Now the “old” way is used and the plugin is now compatible with older php versions again.

Get the latest version on codecanyon.
If you want to support ipad and iphone please read the last post. The next version of advanced iframe pro should be the default version for everyone as is you use iframes you also nee to support ipad and iphones!

Best, Michael

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