Advanced iFrame pro 5.3 available


Advanced iframe pro version 5.3 is now on codecanyon

This is the new pro stuff:

– New: Browser detection added. You can now specify browser specific iframes.
– New: Change link targets on the parent that they open inside the iframe.
– New: Change link targets inside the iframe if the iframe page is on the same domain or if you can use the external workaround.
– New: Redirect direct access of the iframe page to the parent page.
– New: url forward parameter mapping. WordPress has many reserved word in the url so they cannot be used. Now parameters can be mapped to a different one in the confiuration.
– New: Integrated jQuery help
– A couple of small fixes…

Compare the free and the pro versions here:

Have fun using advanced iframe,
Best, Michael


  1. Octavio

    Hi, I have a presale question.
    Will the cookies of the “framed web site” keep registered in the visitors browser?
    it means, the visitor of my web will have both? the cookies of my web and the cookies of the framed web?
    thank you

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