Advanced iframe / TWG wrapper

The advanced iframe and the TWG wrapper are both iframe wrappers for WordPress. The advanced iframe is the more general version which only has the features that can be used for any page you want to include. The TWG wrapper has some extra features which are releated to TinyWebGallery only.

So why using this iframe plugin? There are many wrappers around but they all only do an include with no interaction with the main page which most of the time leads to a result that is o.k. but not perfect.

So this are the features of the advanced iframe wrapper that are unique to this plugin:

  • Hide areas of the layout to give the iframe more space (see screen shots or demo)
  • Modify css styles to e.g. change the width of the content area (see screen shots or demo)
  • Forward parameters to the iframe
  • Security code: You can only insert the shortcode with a valid security code from the administration.
  • Enable/disable the overwrite of default short code settings

And this is are the features the TWG wrapper has on top:

  • Include the css for the lytebox automatically
  • Set an optimized TWG skin
  • Widget for a random image with shadow and slideshow
  • Direct link to the TWG administration with automatic login

Currently more information is located here:

Advanced iFrame Pro is available on codecanyon and hat tons of unique additional features:

The version for TWG  is available here:

If you have any questions please post a comment or use the forum.