Advanced iframe pro standalone examples

This are some examples how to use the advanced iframe pro plugin standalone without wordpress. The examples below start from a simple include but also show many of the examples you already find in the pro demo. See the setting files below as examples. standalone-advanced-iframe-settings.php is the default if nothing is specified.

All settings have to be defined in an array $iframeStandaloneOptions where you can use ANY shortcode attribute! Simply use the shortcode attributes without the security_code and the use_shortcode_only.

Please read the readme.html first as there you find very important information about the setup there.

This page does load several settings files and includes the standalone-advanced-iframe.php several times. So please check the source code of this page and the setting files of each example.
You see that the settings file do match a standalone shortcode exept that no security key is needed.

Simple iframe example

This simple example shows the TinyWebGallery homepage with the following features:

The settings file is: standalone-advanced-iframe-settings.php

$iframeStandaloneOptions = array(
    'id' => 'example1',
    'name' => 'example1',
    'src' => '',
    'width' => '600',
    'height' => '300',
    'enable_lazy_load' => 'true',
    'show_iframe_loader' => 'true'